The disruption of the systems is inevitable. Because the world is out of balance. Only higher, novel and reformated systems, which reflect the actual conditions, can match a next stabil phase of human evolution.

Man is at the verge of establishing the global world as his common basis for living. But the way, globalisation is understood so far, follows a too limited approach. Egoistic, regional and national limited thinking and one-sided economic profit-orientation cannot match the requirements. So far, the global community ignores the new facts and sticks with outdated thought-patterns and dogmas. On the global scale man does neither own an appropriate state of consciousness nor systems which work according to the real situation.

There is a massive backlog of reforms that is ruling the world. This in times of accelerating progress and fundamental change.

The reality of the global community is sobering. A small minority possess the big portion of wealth. These are the people whose lifestyles harm the planet the most. This is the result of an ongoing anachronism which just ignores the actual realities. Value systems and dogmatic concepts of the past suppress the world at their own mercy and block the urgently needed processes for change and development.




Democracy and the idea of free market economy used to be very beneficial for the development of humankind. Initially. But recently the story of success mutates more and more into a  Pyrrhic victory. Forgetting to adopt to the increasingly changing conditions of the globalised world, the dogma got stuck. Its negative side-effects are growing massively and show the reform backlog. Increasingly the reality leads the socioeconomic paradigms ad absurdum. 

The global economic system destroys life and environment and leads straight into humanitarian disasters. D dogmatic monster was invited to be established in the humans minds. After a very healthy period of substantial growth it already started turning into the opposite direction more and more. It destroys the life on earth from the inside. The dogmatic mental position becomes the nightmare of the present.

All it is not more than a mental construction. A kind of a temporal religion. It separated from the whole and is now ruling everything from its isolated and limited background. If man does not mentally evolve and finds some healthy interest in renovating the pillows of his understanding, he might fail in he middle of all his great development.

The monster is sitting in the middle of indoctrinated minds. Behind sculls, who were educated and socialised in an outdated manner and do not even know, that they are already relicts of history. For them all appears just natural. But as we can see things are changing. The world is no more the same. Truth is about to be set to a higher  zero point. Fundamental paradigms are shifting.

The perspective of a better future is to be built on reflection and mindfulness. The step back to open the view and own a higher perspective. This is the request for the individual at first. For systems are changing slowly. Change is the game if critical masses. So it is time to let go and engage. To be critical and open minded. Future deserves a real chance.

Every single person is responsible. Change yourself to the better and you make the world being a better world. It is time to raise consciousness, to reflect senes and meaning. Stop all the nonsense of the all-day routine and clear your mind. There is nothing to loose. Pushing forward is the secret of the present times.




Globalisation and the urge to finding a global-aware mind-setting.

The development of the global world seen from the holistic perspective and the order of the process of individuation, its most relevant turnning points and paradigm shifts. –