The real conditions on earth are not, what people orten belief reality would be. Nature is in a terrible condition. The diversity of species is regressing massively, there is nearly no primary Biosphere left, the climate catastrophe is real. Already now tipping points are exceeded. The sinking ship is the essential basis, where man is dependent on. Mankind is fully aware jumping over the cliffs.

In fact this is a time of an uprising existential misery. The problems are much bigger than Corona, as a too slowly growing GDP or employment. The question is, how life on earth will proceed. Where many people focus their energy on, is schizophrenic given the real challenges. It is fatal, as how unimportant many people judge the real problems. This situation is exacerbating in accelerating pace.

The omnipresent catastrophe seems to be inevitable to make the human minds moving.

Even the Corona Pandemic did help slowing down the overbred mind-settings. It is hard work, to slow down and reflect higher meaning.

This is normal. It is part of the natural path of evolution. At first, man must get ready. Only those understand higher meaning, which are developed enough to reflect adequately. The answer is given in the process of Individuation. The string of pearls, the uprising of consciousness is wandering along. The special chance of life is raising consciousness. To search for higher meaning and widening perspective. In mentally flat taking action none of the problems will be solved.

The general question for meaning and sense is to be formulated once again. Reality is to be evaluated from higher perspective. Much of mans behaviour is outdated and must be stopped. No turning point without revision and transcendental innovation.



Future lies only superficially in new technologies and innovative life-conceptions. Much vaster and more real as the external world is the spiritual plane, which futures individuals will inhabit naturally.

The path into future means the opening of greater mental depth. Spiritual search is no trend, but a natural phenomenon, which occurs naturally at some point in the process of individuation. The slowing down of the mental frequencies is necessary and comes along with the clarifying of the personal psyche. A normal episode on the human ascent.

The ability to differentiate between instinct and intuition and to match reality from an inspired setting of the mind, is the entry door into the future.

Future means the liberation from the mind. The transient path to a trans-mental state of consciousness. Which will at first open for those, who are already self-reflected and mentally evolved. A vibrant awareness in the meaning of mental autonomy must be present already.