Traveling makes it easy to change perspective. Early in  2020 I was cycling in Lao. What touched me most emotionally, were all the young kids. Undersupplied materially, with a lack of solid education and no real perspective in participating in a modern lifestyle, they are the downside of the rich western world. Where over-materialistic societies are starving in latent psychosis all too often.

What is caused by man and how the world is organized in many respects, is irrational and contradictory. That there is still hunger all around the earth, that primary jungle still gets deforested for monoculture or cattle breeding. That there`s child and women slavery widespread, to dig the resources for the modern world by hand. Just to design the latest SUV`s gimmicks even more unnecessarily. To speed up the one-way junk and allow flat entertainment and  consumption frenzy becoming even more excessively. To accumulate profits for some and push the many towards poverty. That media and advertisement produce more stupidity and social media makes for the modern drug addiction. The holy belief of material prosperity leads into mental instability, social isolation and unhappiness. Quite often the rich westerner suffers even more than the poor man from a third world land.

Luxury cars are polluting the air everywhere. Which in many areas all around the world is a serious risk to health. And of course – Southeast Asias beaches are not less polluted than all the others in the world. All the garbage is not only floating in plastic continents across the oceans. Where it gets shred into micro particles and brought into the food-chain. Great, that at least there is still some drinking water from the plastic bottles. The cosmopolitan food corporation says hello. Many bottles are flowing with the Mekong River – to help sediments silting up the new power plants, which crushed the ecosystems. The ocean is nowhere far.

Meanwhile man should be developed enough to realize, that a healthy life must be grounded on balance. And that balance is not a static, but a dynamic condition, that is in constant change.

The perspective from inside the box, from where the rich world tends to judge and rule, seems to be comfortable. But it is ignorant in fact. In a globalized world, where exporting countries benefit to the detriment of the poor, it is time to take an upright look into the mirror. Because the conditions are changing ever faster. One should expect, that what man sows, he will reap. This planet is an entity – there is no place to hide.

Not jet realized? Prognoses are pretty bad! 


The modern society is pressing the adolescent into 15 years of education. Beneath this there is often not much time left for sports or a healthy and curious play in nature. There is ideologically conditioned contents, which are indoctrinated under some sort of pressure. Kids are to fit in a daily routine, which quite often reminds to the high performance of a management job. Kids like machines, pre-formatted in collective harmony with not too much diversion. National doctrines are to be adapted, minds get compressed into the box. The individual is to become the member, the representative, repeating common value systems and world-views. This happens not less in the US than in Germany, Russia, China, India, in any rigid theocracy or any rural community somewhere at the end of the world. We are socialized according to the local standards.

This is the normal way to grow as an adolescent. You adapt to what you get. Even in that rare case that one reflects from a higher standpoint naturally, the imprint of the common schemes is immense. Not too many people really question the collective disorder.

How huge this effect on the individual belief-system is, one can realize when he starts traveling and bring some distance between the common dogma and himself. There he can realize, that the principle is everywhere the same, but the narratives are quite different. From this higher position he can reflect his own mindset easier and detect the own prejudice. And to which extend his own thinking is just an adapted ideology. From here he can disconnect and form his own standpoint, mature and form an autonomous mind.

Instead of just adapting and repeating, he can search for truth. An for himself, which is a psychological avenue to raise consciousness. The sorting out of the collective to find identity.

It is the chance to become oneself. This is, what stands behind the turmoil on earth.



Technology and environment, society and systems, the sciences and the human consciousness – everything is about jumping up to a higher level. Life on earth is transcending.

We are witnessing an extraordinary phase of evolution. Never in history, the development and its dimensions could be experienced so directly. Like never before, individuals are so free and mentally evolved, that they can use the dynamic for their own personal growth. We see golden times for transcending ourselves.

If mankind will not destroy the life on earth as we know, post-human beings will visit museums by the end of the century to watch todays homo sapiens as a lower kind of being. Retrospectively, they will look back into a primitive world. Wondering, how low the standards used to be in the early 21st century..

All the sectors of life will transcend. This is the nature of the natural game. The engine for transformation is the human creative and innovative power. Or it is not, if there is not enough brain to grow. Man is about stepping beyond himself and this world. Thing are moving on.