Long since modern individuals mutated into a new species, for which a global lifestyle is normal, whose motivation is the transcendence of the self, who regard life as the chance to bring unique potential into life.

They are aware that there is a natural flow-state beyond mental effort, that makes them im a higher way passionate, creative and inspired. They cultivate a vibrant life, highly efficient and productive. Life is raised up to higher level. Living magic, fresh and progressive. Holistic beings are consciously healing into a fulfilled setting of life.

It is a natural event in mans uprising to realize, that not only his wellbeing, but his sensation of happiness and vitality is related to breaking limits. He is aware that taking risk is a good friend on the path of the individual unfolding. He naturally chooses a dynamic setting as the special condition for his lifestyle.

This is a process, that comes along with self-reflection and requires self-discipline. The “Me” is to be rediscovered again and again. It is not enough to experience new parts and situations in real life. But  even more to explore new segments and depth inside the own mental metaverse. It is to cultivate a novel mind in a mutating world. The process beyond oneself. It is to direct the awareness there, where no consciousness does exist.

A fast growing number of people are engaged in spiritual ascending. The become aware that they are part of a bigger whole. Their immanent motivation pushes them into a trans-mental consciousness. Directed to freeing their being and transforming their life. This is a natural procedure on the path of individuation. Mentally autonomous individuals are paving the road into a futuresque world.

Superman is delighting life with a higher ambition. It will lead into new kinds of collective understanding and organisation. Closer attached to originality, expressing intelligence in higher detail and competence. A identically evolved spirit, flowing along the subtle vibes, is about connecting separation and bridging limitation.

The inspired creator in human shape is about stepping beyond what is called the Homo Sapiens.

The trans-rational being is a natural phenomenon in the unfolding procedure of life.


But this is not the end of the individuals journey. In direct contact to his soul man does not reach more than the entrance into a much higher conscious life. Beyond a flow-state, which is a temporal affair that can be provoked by mental effort, there is a much deeper state of inner brilliance. Often through a peak experience a trans-mental process is gaining pace. It leads towards a fundamentally transcended life. Enlightenment is no mystery, but a  consequent procedure of the human ascending. 

A turning point opens a next signifikant development journey. A conscious being enters the world, which exceeds the mentally formatted Homo Sapiens. Here it sets a new pace and opens conscious perspectives, which exceed the possibilities of science and technology by far. It is like the opening of a novel era. 

A next cycle is to begin, once man gets aware of his ascend into spiritual heights. He surpasses the mental plane and starts consciously skinning off the vital and mental limitations. Integrating the whole, he will restructure himself in a deeper conscious sphere. From here, as a transformed being, he will transcend his real world as well. 

The conditions in the world are changing massively. The outer world is mutating, because a higher conscious, a superman emerges nearly out of nowhere.

As a side-effect of his own evolution he will uncover paradise. To shine the world in higher light.